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Artemis was developed to enable electronic submission and review of Animal Use Proposals via most modern web browsers. Artemis provides real-time access to information regarding review status, approval status and expiration datesis the portal for submitting new Animal Use Protocols (AUPs) and Amendments for IACUC review, and PIs can log on to Artemis to check the status of the protocol during the review process.  Artemis also stores all current and expired protocols, with access to information such as expiration dates and personnel training status.

Artemis Benefits

Improves efficiency through a streamlined submission and review process

  • Provides electronic support for the full life cycle of the research/instruction, including initial submissions, amendments, and annual renewals.
  • Automated reminders will notify PIs, reviewers and administrators of important milestones and when actions are needed in the review process.

Increases transparency, easy access to protocols, and enhances communications

  • PIs and their laboratory personnel have easy access to their current AUPs, with a amendments, in one location 24/7.
  • PIs are able to check the status of new submissions in the review process.
  • Communications from the review process are documented in Artemis.

Going Green

  • By eliminating virtually all paper, the new system is more environmentally friendly than previous paper forms.


If you have questions regarding use of the system, please contact the Office of Animal Care and Use at 706-542-5933


titleHow do I start a new animal use protocol (AUP) using Artemis?
  •  After accessing the Artemis system, you will be on your Submissions Pane Page.
  • Under “New Form” you will see the option to Create New ‘New AUP Submission Form.’ This will open a new blank protocol for you.

titleWhy don’t I see the all questions when I first start filling it out?

 Some questions will reveal themselves to you, or not, depending on how you answer earlier questions. For instance, if you give a “no” response regarding conducting surgery, you will never see the detailed surgery questions. These are called “cascading questions.”

titleHow do I amend my AUP to change the Principal Investigator?
  • After accessing the Artemis system, find the AUP in which you wish to change the investigator. Select ‘Copy to New Draft.’ This will launch the AUP.
  • Change the PI and any other information within the AUP that you may need to change.
  • Then choose the ‘Save and Submit Form.’

titleWhat happened to my IACUC protocols from the previous electronic system (BIoware)?

 Information from approved protocols in Bioware was automatically loaded into the Artemis system. If your AUP was created on a paper form (pre-Bioware), only basic information will be in the Artemis system.

titleCan I attach other documents to my Artemis protocol?

 Currently you can only cut and paste text from other documents to the Artemis protocol. Contact the Office of Animal Care and Use if there is critical information to support your protocol that cannot be conveyed as text.

titleHow do I sign my completed protocol?

 When you click the “Submit” button, your digital signature is automatically added to the protocol for you.

titleHow do I modify my approved Artemis protocol?
  • Login to your Artemis portal using your UGA MyID and password.
  • Locate the protocol you want to change on your Artemis Submission Pane Page under “Approved.”
  • Choose the “Create Amendment” button, and the system will open the Amendment page.

titleHow do I submit an annual renewal for my approved Artemis protocol?
  •  Login to your Artemis portal using your UGA MyID and password.
  • Locate the protocol you want to change on your Artemis Submission Pane Page under “Approved.”
  • Choose the “Create Renewal” button and the system will open the Renewal page.

titleHow do I create a draft for a new AUP as a third-year renewal and keep the information already in the Artemis system?
  •  Once in the Artemis system, on the Submissions Pane Page, you will see your already approved protocols under ”Approved.”
  • Select “Copy to New Draft” to create the third-year renewal. The new AUP will be launched with any information that was already loaded in the Artemis system.

titleHow can I send my draft to my Attending Veterinarian for review before submitting it?
  •  Login to your Artemis portal using your UGA MyID and password.
  • Locate the protocol you want sent to the Attending Veterinarian under “Drafts.”
  • Select “View Form.” This will open your draft AUP, which you can then print.

titleHow can I save my draft so I can complete it at a later time?
  •  When you need to leave an AUP that is not yet complete, you can save the draft to complete at a later time by going to the end of the protocol and selecting “Save Draft.”
  • When you are ready to return to the AUP to continue working, select “Modify Form” from the Submission Pane Page.

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