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The Unit Membership Database (UMD) manages the membership of an organizational unit of the University of Georgia, as defined in the Unit Hierarchy Database (UHD). Currently the application is being implemented for membership management of OVPR Centers, Institutes, Core Facilities and Research Service Centers, though it is possible to use UMD for any organization defined in UHD, including unofficial groupings of people. Web services are available to integrate these capabilities into an organization’s website.

Through a secure login, UMD provides an Administrative Control Panel for unit leaders, account managers and their proxies to review, accept, deny or delete membership applications, manage user profiles and manage the unit’s membership list, including member types and administrative roles.

UMD provides secure web services so that any authorized application can use the capabilities of UMD, including online membership application, online membership lists and profiles, query of member list by interests, expertise and other demographics, member-maintenance of their profile and secure login to “members only” web pages. A software developer’s toolkit (SDK) is available for a unit’s web developers to use in the design of a unit’s web site integrated with UMD.

UMD is integrated with Office of Research’s non-UGA Affiliates Management System and Office of Research’s LDAP server so that membership applications can be accepted from non-UGA persons, giving them secure access to the capabilities of the unit’s website(s), including management of their profiles and messaging capabilities.

UMD is integrated with UGA’s listserv, dynamically generating and updating listserv lists for use by members. It also generates and maintains a listserv of unit leaders by organizational type. This allows easy communications to, for example, all of the Center Directors. Office of Research considers UHD to be the authoritative source of official UGA Centers and Institutes and UMD to be the authoritative source of the directors of these units.

UHD is also integrated with other Office of Research applications, such as eXtended Property Records (XPR) and the Service Center Database (SCDB) so that records relating capital equipment assigned to certain organizations can be accessed.


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titleWhy would I need to use UMD?

If your UGA organization would benefit from an easy-to-use method of managing your membership, you may wish to consider using UMD. If you wish to provide these capabilities to your website in a secure manner, you may wish to consider the UMD SDK.

If your organization intends to implement a workflow system needing to route tasks, approvals, and other business transactions through an organizational hierarchy, you may benefit by using programmatic interfaces to UHD with UMD, including web service-enabled capabilities.

titleHow do I access UMD?

 Only authorized users with UHD organizations “registered” in UMD may access UMD’s administrative control panel through the login screen.  If you wish to have your unit registered in UMD and have access to this application, contact

titleHow do I login to UMD?

 Use your UGA MyID and Password.  If you are an authorized user, you will be granted access to the administrative control panel.

titleDo I need training to use UMD?

You may need a brief one-on-one training in order to understand the concepts embedded in UMD.  A comprehensive user manual is available for web professionals to use in integrating UMD into web sites.

Contact ovprhelp@uga.eduto make arrangements for training.

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