Device Procurement

  1. Procurement of computers, laptops, tablets, and accessories will be handled by OVPR IT to ensure we are achieving optimum value, performance, and maintainability.  Purchase orders for devices not submitted by IT will be returned to the submitting user with a note to work with IT to complete the process.

  2. All devices not procured by a Center or Institute with dedicated IT support must be procured by OVPR IT.  

  3. OVPR IT will provide desktops/laptops and standard printers for all non-Center/Institute units using the OVPR IT budget. Desktops and printers for Centers/Institutes will be purchased using the Center/Institute speedtype. All other devices will require a unit speedtype.

  4. Requests for a new device by an OVPR unit should be made via the support ticketing system. All requests should indicate the intended use of the device. OVPR IT maintains a small stock of standard technology items that may be used to facilitate the request if the standard item is appropriate for the intended use. If an item is not available, it will need to be purchased. OVPR IT will order a device that is designed to fulfill the stated intended use. Requesting units can suggest specific brands/types of devices, and OVPR IT will take these requests under advisement. OVPR IT will make the final purchase decision to maximize value for OVPR and maintainability of the device into the future.  

  5. Devices no longer needed by a unit will be added to the OVPR IT general device inventory to facilitate subsequent device requests across OVPR.

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