Data Storage and Backup

Office of Research IT provides numerous services for data storage and backup. This includes desktop data, server data, instrument sourced data etc. We can also support any custom or emergent data storage need. To inquire about these services, please submit a ticket.

  1. Desktop Data Backup

    1. All desktop users (Windows and macOS) are provided a personal mapped drive. This drive is available after you log in to a desktop using your MyID and is named based on your MyID. Each individual user is provided 300GB of storage. This storage is backed up nightly and backups are maintained for six months. Note this storage is being replaced by OneDrive.

    2. Windows user's desktop, documents, and photo folders are synched to their UGA OneDrive storage. Each user is provided 1 TB of storage and maintains 90 days of backups. These synced OneDrive files are protected from bulk deletion via a user confirmation process.

  2. Departmental Drives

    1. Each Office of Research subunit is eligible to receive a departmental drive to store any relevant unit data. The size of the storage provided is based on need. Access permissions are managed by the Office of Research IT. To request a new departmental drive, a change to existing resources, or to alter user permissions to any storage resource, please submit a ticket.

    2. Office of Research IT has begun to offer Sharepoint/OneDrive sites to Office of Research subunits. Specifics of each SharePoint site are based on unit needs. Please submit a ticket to initiate a discussion.

  3. Other data storage types

    1. Other storage and backup resources are available to Office of Research subunits, including cloud, encrypted, long-term, off-line, high volume, and high-performance resources. Please submit a ticket to initiate a discussion.

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