Link: https://pivot.cos.com/funding_main


Pivot is an excellent, user-friendly subscription database of more than 25,000 funding opportunities from sponsors across all disciplines. UGA faculty, postdocs, students, and staff can search the database and create custom email funding alerts. Funding opportunities can be shared with individuals or groups. Pivot also enables researchers to identify others with particular research expertise inside or outside UGA. The Pivot database includes pre-populated profiles for many UGA researchers. Sign up for a Pivot account to claim and update your research profile, and to set up your funding opportunity alerts.


Pivot video tutorials show how to search, track, share and tag funding opportunities, and update and search researcher profiles. 

The UGA Libraries and the Office for Proposal Enhancement offer Pivot training sessions several times per year to get you set up with tailored funding searches and email alerts.  Contact Dr. Rebecca Terns at terns@uga.edu to sign up for the next training session.  

For general assistance with Pivot, contact Ian Thomas at ithomas@uga.edu. 


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