Improves efficiency through a streamlined IRB submission and review process

  • Provides electronic support for the full life cycle of the research study, which includes initial submissions, modifications, reports of new information, and continuing reviews.
  • Automated reminders will notify researchers, reviewers and administrators of important milestones and when actions are needed in the review process.
  • UGA-specific guidance via integrated “help” menus will guide researchers through the process.

Increases transparency, easy access to protocols, and enhances communications

  • Investigators will have easy access to their entire project records in one location 24/7; this includes the approved protocol, recruitment materials, questionnaires, amendments, and the current consent forms.
  • Investigators will be able to see where the project is in the submission and review process, view IRB decision and approval letters, and view their entire study project history.
  • All communications between the researchers and the IRB/HSO can be contained within the system.

Going Green

  • By eliminating virtually all paper, the new system will be environmentally friendly.


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